Advanced digital aerials

If you want to switch to a brighter and clearer digital signal, then contact The Aerial Specialists. We install digital aerials at great prices. Our services are available across Plymouth, Saltash and all the surrounding towns and villages.

Aerial supplies and services

As aerial professionals, we provide everything you need to receive digital TV. We offer various types of systems and inform you about their benefits so that you can make an informed decision. Most new TV systems now come with Freeview fitted into them, so you will need a digital aerial for it to pick up the signals. We will take care of the installation from start to finish.


Hiding cables skillfully

We always use high quality coaxial cables and fittings as you get a better signal strength when using good quality coaxial and the better the quality, the better the TV signal. When we fit the coaxial cable around your home, we always put it in the best place possible so as not to stand out and Dan is very good at hiding cables. If you are having a new build done, he can also come out and plan this with you and hide all the cables inside the walls.

Satellite services

Our aerial installers have expertise in:

  • Booster boxes
  • All types of cables
  • Aerial servicing and repairs
  • Aerial upgrades
  • Cable laying
  • DAB aerials
  • Radio aerials

We can fit the aerial to your chimney, roof or apex, but usually the loft is quite sufficient for the aerial to be housed. Get in touch with us for specific information.


Call The Aerial Specialists on 01752 219 306 for any type of aerial or satellite issue if you are in Plymouth or Saltash.